Everything You Need to Know About Paul Marciano

02 Mar

Paul Marciano has achieved great success. He has been able to make it great in life even though he has been raised in a humble background.  This article will help you know more about Paul Marciano. Read on to discover more about Paul Marciano.

Paul Marciano was born in 1952 in Debdou. His parents were Jews. Paul Marciano had four siblings and they all lived in synagogue complex when he was between eight to fifteen years old. He had an accident with his friend when he was at the age of fifteen which made him spend seven months of his life in a wheelchair. However, even though after one year and a half he was able to use his limbs he was not able to go back to school. The reason why this is so is that he was not accepted back at school since he had missed too much. After this he later moved to Israel and lived in a kibbutz.

Paul Marciano married his first wife in 1995. His wife Kymberly Marciano who was a photographer and a model. They were blesses with two beautiful children. Their first child was Nicholai who was born in 1995 and the second born was Ella who was born in 1996.  Unfortunately they later divorced. He married his second wife in 2016. His wife Mareva Georges was a model.  They both got two children, Ryan who was born in 2005 and in 2012 they got Gia. Read more here at https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-marciano.                     

Paul Marciano also worked at MGA which was his families clothing company. Paul Marciano and his brothers started the world-famous clothing company Guess Jeans in 1981 after they started MGA in Beverly Hills on Little Santa Clarita. After two years they sold a 50% Stake of the company to the Nakash Brothers. Six years after that the Nakash Brothers were found by the court to have trick Paul Marciano and his brothers for the joint venture. They later stopped doing business together. However later on in 2015 Paul Marciano resigned from being the CEO of Guess. For more facts and information about art foundation guide, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNRSjpCx864.

You can also learn more about Paul Marciano Twitter Channel. You can also get more information about Paul Marciano by looking at other social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook. You can also connect with him on a personal level through following his posts to know more about him. Another thing you can do is to follow his business accounts to know the progress of his life.

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